There are no Black Cabinet Ministers in Boris Johnson’s current cabinet of 22

As of June 2020, there is no black person in Boris Johnson’s current cabinet of 22.

Yes, in case you haven’t noticed, it is June 2020 and there is not one black person in Boris Johnson’s current cabinet of 22*.

And here’s Matt Hancock (Secretary of State for Health and Social Care) defending the lack of black MPs on the front bench, claiming ‘the Cabinet is one of the most diverse he has ever sat in’ and that it is ‘Diversity of Thought’ that matters.

So why is this an issue?

Well, it won’t be if you believe that seeing people that represent your ethnicity, religion, gender, disability, or sexual identity, in leadership position in our government, and in our great public institutions, is a fundamental part of a healthy democracy.

And for those of you that are quick to respond with the “it’s the best man for the job” argument, what I hear you saying is that not one single person, from the over 2 million Black people in England and Wales, is up to the task of becoming a Cabinet Minister.

As parents, we are encouraged to to set an example for their kids. We ask our teachers to set an example for their students, and our coaches to “lead by example”. Because, we know there is a good chance that they will follow that example that we have set.

So is this the example for leadership that we are to expect in our private organisations and public institutions in the UK?

*Source:, June 2020