Survey finds just 1.5% of senior management roles held by Black people

Black people make up 1.5% of senior management roles despite being more than 3% of the population in England and Wales.

Updated figures from Business in the Community’s 2014 report Race at the Top show that despite black people making up more than 3% of the population in England and Wales, there has been little success over the past decade in addressing the lack of diverse representation in senior leadership roles.

Efforts to increase the number of black managers at British companies have stalled.

In top management roles across private sector organisations, just 1.5% are black, an increase of 0.1% per cent since 2014. Public sector leadership remains static at 1%, and 62% of charity boards are all-white.

Just 1% of journalists, senior civil servants, judges, academics and the police force are black.

One area where representation has improved is in politics where there are currently 65 MPs in the UK who are black, Asian or minority ethnicities (BAME), rising from 27 in 2010. However, there are no black Cabinet ministers.