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We are supported by individuals and organisations that share our commitment to tackling racial inequality and building more diverse and inclusive workplaces for black people in Britain.


Project members

Project members are individuals who collaborate as team members to work on specific projects where they can use their time and experience to make a difference.

Suitable for those who are willing to get involved in specific efforts and who may be at any level in their career.


Advisors act as an independent sounding board for Board members and provide technical expertise or topic-specific advice to project teams.

Suitable for individuals with subject matter expertise in areas such as technology, science, health, policy, law, marketing, public relations, etc.

Board members

Board members are individual at sufficiently senior levels who provide independent expertise in directing how we are managed.

Suitable for those who are willing to devote some time and effort into shaping how 100Projects.Org is managed as an organisation.


Ambassadors are volunteers who help raise awareness of our work and activities through their links to industry, government and civic society.

Suitable for people who are passionate proponents of racial equality and can spare the time, on an ad-hoc basis, for networking events.

We welcome interests from people of any ethnicity who are resident in Britain.
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Other ways you can get involved.


Writers, photographers, illustrators, presenters, videographers and all, we’d love to have you on board and welcome your creative contributions in helping to build a better understanding of the complex issues around individual bias and systemic racism facing black people in the UK. If you’re looking to pitch a contribution, you’ll find information about our straightforward and informal submission process here.

Help spread the word

In a world saturated with activities, helping to get the word out there is one of the easiest ways to support us. It is a social signal that can help amplify the work that we do. You can help spread the word by encouraging people in your network to like/follow our social pages.


You can help support what we do by giving to our community fund. While making a regular monthly financial contribution will help us plan ahead far more effectively, we also welcome one-off financial donations, as well as ongoing support with specific activities and infrastrucure.

Join our groups on Linkedin and Facebook

We are looking to build online communities where people from around the country can come together to share their stories and support one another. A place where you can provide advice, solidarity, and support to people who are facing the kind of challenges you’ve been through.